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Self-Assessment Tax Return

In UK, tax year runs from 6 April to 5 April and the tax return has to be submitted and tax paid by following January to avoid any penalties. All UK individual have to pay tax from income deriving from UK and most cases from their worldwide income. We will help you to register for self-assessment tax return, remind you when your tax return is due well before the deadline and calculate accurate amount of tax so that you pay what exactly you need to pay.

Tax Advice

Tax is a significant factor to consider in any business decision. You need to know the tax consequence for a transaction especially, if it involves significant amount. You may even need to know tax effect to take any family decision. So having a correct tax advise is crucial to decide your course of action either with your business or with your family.

Form Company, Partnership and LLP

All structure may not be suitable for your business. You need to know what structure best suits the type of business you are involved with. We will advice you on the benefits and drawbacks for all structures and help you to find out the best format as per your business need and take the responsibility to form it for you.

Business Plan

You require a business plan to develop and grow your business. You may also need it for any potential financing. An effective business plan will define the objective, vision and mission of your venture. It will guide you to take your business to your targeted level. You need a marketing plan and a strategy that is compatible with your objective and vision. You need to forecast your cash flow, profit and loss, your budget and set up your strategy accordingly which will assist you to achieve your projections. We will help you to prepare a bespoke business plan that tied all of the above up with each other.

R & D Tax Credit

This is a generous tax incentive by government to encourage innovation by entrepreneurs. Your business can get a tax credit of up to 230% for the expenses incurred on research and development work. We will advice you on what expenses you can claim, how you maintain your supporting documents, how you can claim the relief and process the relief in the tax return.

Tax Planning

You work hard to earn your living and without a proper tax planning in place you may end up losing chunk of your hard earned wealth paying additional tax which can be saved, if you plan well ahead.