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Book Keeping

It is a legal requirement to keep books of records for a UK business for at least six years. If asked by HMRC, a business has to provide the break-down of all the expenses claimed in tax returns. So it is imperative that you maintain your books and transactions in an organised way so that any details can be presented on demand. Also it is a good practice to maintain the books in a way that will enable you to track down any transaction to its root so that you do not pay your supplier more that you owe or claim the correct amount from your customer.

VAT Return

Any UK business with a turnover of £85,000 and over have to submit VAT return monthly, quarterly or yearly. There are different schemes available with different criteria. We will put you in the right scheme, remind you when the VAT return is due, calculate accurate amount of VAT payable/repayable and submit it well within the deadline.

Management Accounts

You need to know how your business is performing on a regular basis. Waiting for the year end accounts is not enough to take business decisions. It is important that you have current accurate financial information handy so that you can take precise decision. You may also require interim accounts to maintain your financial credibility. We will provide you with quarterly/ six monthly/ nine monthly management accounts to help you take business decision.

Statutory Accounts and Compliance

A UK registered company need to prepare statutory accounts to submit in HMRC within nine months from the company's year end together with corporation tax return and pay corporation tax at the same time . It also requires to submit Abridged/filleted accounts to Companies House which is also within nine months from year end of the company.

Statutory Services

A company need to maintain various documents to comply with company law. Any non-compliant cab be detrimental to business. It also needs to update documents and information to Companies House within deadline.

Payroll/Auto Enrolment

You have to pay your staff correctly otherwise your employees may complain to employment tribunal which may cause financial penalty and may interrupt to your business. You also need to process the payroll on time. There are also added complications with auto enrolment. We will process all payroll data for you, provide you with all the necessary reports to pay your employees and HMRC and update you with any relevant development with employment legislation to minimise any disruption.